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Punch SIAM Free Standing Spring Bag

Punch SIAM Free Standing Spring Bag

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Created to accommodate even the most powerful strikes while maintaining a forgiving response, this equipment is tailored for formidable practitioners. Its design ensures compatibility with swift combination techniques, thanks to its capacity to swiftly return to a vertical position in less than half a second. Whether executing kicks, elbows, punches, or knees, this apparatus proves its adaptability.

Featuring a set of three robust sandbags designed in a donut style, each equipped with zippers for effortless filling, it boasts a patent-pending four-way spring plate that guarantees swift and dynamic motion—reminiscent of our acclaimed King Cobra Bag. Crafted from materials of utmost quality, this gear is truly of commercial grade.

Its exterior shell is composed of 800-denier black ripstop tarpaulin, ensuring exceptional durability. The interior foam is of high density and commercial-grade, rated MS 4 for top-tier performance. The base and pole are constructed from sturdy steel, while the springs are forged from high-tensile steel, attesting to their resilience. Security is maintained through a double nut lock-up system across the patented "action joint."

For your peace of mind, this product is backed by Punch®'s renowned two-year commercial-grade warranty, guarding against any defects in both workmanship and materials.


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