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Fairtex HG16 Diagonal Vision Sparring Headgear

Fairtex HG16 Diagonal Vision Sparring Headgear

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Whether you're a novice or a seasoned competitor in boxing, your safety is paramount when facing your opponent's formidable strikes.

This enhanced iteration of the Fairtex HG-12 headguard is meticulously crafted to offer an exceptional fit, unmatched comfort, and above all, superior protection.

Key Features:

- Microfiber Headguard: Engineered for optimum performance and durability.
- Enhanced Version: A substantial upgrade from its predecessor.
- Thicker Forehead Padding: Ensures added protection where it matters most.
- Cheek Padding: Extra cushioning for enhanced safety.
- Deep Ear Design: Provides superior comfort and protection.
- Lace-Up Closure: Allows for precise adjustment to achieve the perfect fit.

The harsh impact of blows to the face, especially in disciplines like boxing, full-contact sports, or mixed martial arts (MMA), can lead to fractures, head trauma, and severe brain injuries.

Equip yourself with the right protective gear to shield your face and cranium against these formidable blows, effectively limiting the risk of injuries. Your safety is non-negotiable.


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