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Everlast Elite Groin Protector

Everlast Elite Groin Protector

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Introducing the Everlast Elite Groin Protector. 

Experience enhanced mobility in the ring with the flexible design of the Everlast Elite Groin Protector. Crafted for maximum protection, it boasts dense, shock-absorbing foam padding and a secure cup.

Key Features:

1. **Unmatched Mobility:** Our lightweight and flexible design ensures you can move with agility during competitions.

2. **Secure Comfort:** An elastic strap keeps the pad in place, ensuring both security and comfort during your training sessions.

3. **Flexibility Matters:** The elastic wrist strap provides the necessary flexibility for your training and competitive needs.

4. **Sleek and Low Profile:** With its sleek design, our protector offers a low-profile fit, so you can focus on your performance without distraction.

5. **Amateur Competition Ready:** Ideal for amateur competitions, this protector is your trusted companion in the ring.

Gear up with the Everlast Elite Groin Protector and take your performance to the next level.


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