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Punch Equipment

Punch Black Diamond Thai Boxing Gloves

Punch Black Diamond Thai Boxing Gloves

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Introducing the Punch Black Diamond Thai Boxing Gloves

Experience Elite Protection
• Premium AAA Rating
• Luxurious Pillow Palms for Unparalleled Comfort
• Dual Roll Bar Wrist Padding for Enhanced Impact Absorption
• Complete Wrist Coverage with Full Wrap Design
• Secured Thumbs for Ultimate Support
• Enjoy a Silky Satin Feel Inside with Punchcool® Lining
• Crafted from High-Quality Leather with a Plush Matte Finish and Extra-Thick Orange Contrast Stitching
• Available in 12oz and 16oz Sizes

Elevate Your Defense
Defend yourself against incoming strikes with confidence, thanks to the Black Diamond Thai Boxing Gloves. These gloves offer a level of protection and comfort that's second to none. The dual roll bar wrist padding and deluxe pillow palms ensure you can easily handle elbow, knee, and shin strikes while defending, reducing the risk of injuries.

Choose Your Size
The Black Diamond Muay Thai Gloves are available in 12oz and 16oz sizes, catering to your specific needs.

Unmatched Performance
Punch® Equipment has ingeniously integrated padded rolls along the wrist, making it easier to absorb heavy shin kicks and effectively block knees, setting these gloves apart from conventional boxing gloves.

Premium Craftsmanship
The Black Diamond gloves are meticulously constructed, featuring color-coded orange satin linings for a touch of sophistication. The 3-inch Velcro wrist closure ensures a secure fit for your ultimate training experience.


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