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Tec Skipping Ropes

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This Tec Rope offers you is a dual purpose skipping rope that won’t kink, is more forgiving when you whip yourself & is re-adjustable as well as doubling as a resistance training device.


  • Revolutionary design features allow split-second adjustment in length making it ideal for use by individuals, gyms & personal trainers. With a split-second pull on the rope in either direction, you can achieve the optimal length to maximize your skipping workout.


  • As an added bonus the configuration of the rope means that it can also be used for resistance training. Simply extend a rope to maximum length, grasp the handles in the horizontal position, stand on the rope at the desired length (the shorter the length the greater the resistance) & start to exercise; curls, reverse curls, side raise, front raise & even tricep extension are simple.


Tec-Rope Features


  • Instant adjustability.
  • Kink-free long-lasting rope.
  • Advanced composite materials.
  • Ergonomic handle.
  • Liquid smooth action.
  • Perfect length = less drag.
  • Unique patented design.
  • Proudly made in Australia.


Sizing as follows- 

Kids – <150cm

M/L – 150cm – 185cm

L/XL – >175cm


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