Smai Essential Muay Thai Pads

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The Muay Thai Pad are an essential tool for kickboxing gyms and great for developing speed, agility and accuracy. Made from high quality synthetic leather filled with synthetic foam, they feature velcro straps for easy use. The notable benefit of the syntec version is the softer touch and feel, ensuring it is suitable for classes in which children or novices are present. This is as they may prefer a softer feel to the pad if they don’t want to condition their shins. The design uses a medium density padding that is popular with personal trainers that want to do limited muay thai pad work. Designed with a more professional look, this option is a durable and cost effective choice.


Material: synthetic leather

Inner: foam

Velcro straps

Height: 35cm

Length: 18cm

Width: 9cm

Weight: 900gm per pad